Kayak camping during a zombie apocalypse

7 Reasons to Kayak Camp [During a Zombie Apocalypse]

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7 Reasons You Need to Kayak Camp During the Zombie Apocalypse

Kayak Camp during a Zombie Apocalypse

Prepare yourself

In a world where everything, or everyone, wants to eat you or rob you, survival is essential.  To kayak camp during the zombie apocalypse would be one of the wisest things you can do to survive.  Here are the 7 Reasons You Need to Kayak Camp During the Zombie Apocalypse.

1. Zombies Can’t Swim

Escaping the zombies on water

Escaping the zombies on water

If you find no other reasons to choose kayak camping during a zombie apocalypse, this is number one. We all know zombies can’t swim, so getting out on the water needs to be the first objective.

Pack up your gear and kayak camp on the closest, largest body of water you can. A river or a lake with islands and cutouts for hiding would be perfect. If you can get to the ocean, that will work too. Care needs to be taken when kayaking the ocean though, currents are strong and you could easily be carried far from land.

2. Kayak Camp in Relative Safety

Kayak camp setup

Set up your kayak camp on a secure island

Since zombies can’t swim and you'll be a few hundred yards from shore on a tiny island, you’re set. You can bring a tent, your hammock or sleep under the stars with just a sleeping bag. You’ll still need to be aware of hooligans and river pirates, but at least zombies can be avoided.

Take note though, if you’re camping on a river or lake that isn’t very deep, zombies can still get to your island. They can’t swim, but if it’s shallow enough they can walk. Just be mindful and keep your noise to a minimum to avoid detection.

Check out our kayak camping gear list so you can get prepared.

3. Out Paddle a Zombie

River Kayak Camping

Out paddle a zombie with ease

So you’re kayaking down the river minding your own business when out of nowhere the dead comes floating towards you. As we all know, zombies are not intelligent, so adjusting their trajectory to account for current and obstacles is impossible.  Simply paddling upriver allows you to avoid the grasps and teeth while the walkers continue down river.

4. The Paddle Can Be a Weapon

Ok, he’s getting a little too close for comfort and your gun is out of reach (your gun should never be out of reach), what do you do? Well, that fiberglass or wooden kayak paddle you’re holding makes a nice slicing tool after you crazy glue razor blades to the edges. Make sure your kayak paddle leash is attached BEFORE attacking. You don’t want to lose your only paddle slicing zombies.

5. Fish For Your Food

Kayak Camp Fishing

Fishing for your Food from your kayak

This is perfect. You can paddle around all day trolling for fish. Pretty sure you won’t need your fishing license this time.  Get yourself some fishing rod holders for your kayak and a good tackle box for the river.  You'll be able to have a few lines out trolling while you paddle along by using multiple rod holders.  Remember, 2 is 1, and 1 is none!

It's a wise idea to cook whatever you catch and plan on eating.  We won't know how the disease is transferred so instead of taking a chance, just go ahead and cook it.

Be careful trolling and paddling around in the shallow waters. Walkers can get stuck in the mud and blend in with the brush. You don’t want to get snagged while your reeling in a smallmouth.  

6. Harder to Shoot a Moving Target

Be cautious of River Pirates

Be cautious of River Pirates

This doesn't apply to zombies unless there's some sort of mutation that allows for full body control.  In that instance, none of these rules would apply.  When taking gunfire from land enemies, being in a kayak and at distance gives you the mobility advantage.  

It's a good idea to become proficient with a firearm in preparation for the zombie apocalypse.  You will need to fend off walkers and all the no-gooders.  Take a lesson from a local gun club or store.  It could mean the difference between walking away fine or becoming a walker.

A rifle and handgun are recommended survival weapons.  If you can get a silenced firearm you'll be much better off.  Less sound means fewer walkers hearing.  Much safer.

7. Paddle to the Ocean

Following the river to the ocean

Following the river to the ocean

Escape can be paramount in a bad situation. If the bandits are on your tail, just head down river. If you keep paddling you’ll most likely end up in the ocean.  From here you can follow the coastline to a secure area.  

Having a map of the river and coast you will be escaping to would be a wise decision.  You can paddle these areas beforehand so you are prepared and know your route of escape.

Stay Safe

This will work for other apocalypse scenarios as well. Remember, adapt, overcome and conquer.  If possible, have a kayak camp traveling partner to stay safe.  Watching opposite shorelines for impending danger is a great strategy when paddling with a partner.  With more than 2 your chances of survival will increase.  Be cautious though with too many people as the noise may attract unwanted attention.

Just to recap, zombies can not swim.  You can fish for your own food.  You are able to safely kayak camp on an island with little fear of zombies.  If one gets too close, use your paddle to give them a good smack on the head.  When it's time to go, head for the ocean.  

Stay safe out there zombie preppers!! Check out our 7 Kayak Camping Survival Tips to help make it through.

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