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7 Kayak Camping Survival Tips and Tricks

In Beginner Kayaking Tips, Camping Tips and DIY Guides by Jamie Wilkinson

Kayak Camping Survival Tips Kayak camping survival is no different than any other survival situation. All survival is dependant on our skills, abilities, and training. 7 survival tips just don’t seem like enough. I have quite a few books that I’ve read and collected over …

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Do Kayaks Tip Easily? (What to Do When You Capsize)

In Beginner Kayaking Tips, Kayaking by Jamie Wilkinson

Do Kayaks Tip Easily There are so many makes, models, and sizes of kayaks available, each with its own tipping point, that answering this question is impossible.  Some kayaks do tip easily compared to others.   With enough practice under your belt, you’ll be able …